Problem Solving Professional Services

by Edward G. Bottrell, FCMC

Professional Services

  • Project and Management Consulting:
    • Rescue Project Management
    • Interim management
    • Business management,  transformation, and organizational change management
    • Project reviews and turn-arounds
    • Steering Committee & PM Advisory Services
    • Risk Management

Edward G. Bottrell, FCMC

Mr. Bottrell is a semi-retired management consultant and senior project manager who specializes in helping organizations succeed with enterprise systems, business transformations, and other mega-projects. His work in recent years has been focused on comprehensive reviews and turn-arounds of major projects.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he has provided professional services to public and private sector clients throughout Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and other countries since 1972. Over the years, he has worked with many global suppliers including IBM, Oracle, Motorola, HP, Microsoft, and SAP.

He has managed or worked on 250+ projects for 100+ clients, including 20 large-scale systems integration and business transformation projects, 3-Canadian Major Crown Projects, and several public-private partnership projects involving ICT infrastructure and applications. Mr. Bottrell is a sole practitioner and has held professional certifications in IT, project management, and management consulting. He is a Fellow and Life Member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.