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CS30 Documents and Information

This is the most popular page on my website since 2002 with an average of over 200 page views per month. The following documents are available for download at no charge and many are customizable for your boat.

If you have edits, additions or other relevant documents, please let me know and I will add them to the tables or my Boating Information Page.

And, take a look at the CS30 Photos page for some scanned photos of the CS Factory in 1987, and some internal shots of Wind Song taken in 1998 during the replacement of hoses.

MS Office 97 Documents Adobe Acrobat .pdf Docs.
Tuning Guide for CS30 Tuning Guide for CS30
CS30 Volvo 2002 Procedures CS30 Volvo 2002 Procedures
CS30 Procedures
CS30 Inventory
CS30 To Do List
CS30 Specifications for Wind Song
  CS30 Polar Plots
CS30 Racing Class Rules CS30 Racing Class Rules
1984 CS30 Canadian Yachting 1984 CS30 Canadian Yachting
CS30 Owner's Manual (1.3MB) CS30 Owner's Manual (0.5MB)
CS36 Owner's Manual
North Cruising Sails Trim Guide North Cruising Sails Trim Guide
Scanned Documents
CS30 Brochure (1st? - 1MB)
CS30 Brochure (2nd? - 0.8MB)
CS30 Brochure (3rd? - 3MB)
1987 Volvo 2002 Brochure (A4 size paper)
1987 Volvo 2001, 2002 & 2003 Captain's Check & Maintenance List (A4 size paper)
Volvo 2001, 2002 & 2003 Shop Manual (2.8MB)
CS30 Pat Sturgeon Review-1 CS30 Pat Sturgeon Review-2
CS30 Photos
CS30 Photo Album ( 1.5MB PDF)
More Photos on CS30 Photos page

CS30 Wind Song

CS30 Wind Song - Sugar Island, Thousand Islands

Volvo 2002

Volvo 2002R

CS30 Under Construction-1987

CS30 at Factory - 1987

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