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We live just North of French Village Harbour, St. Margaret's Bay, in the community of Glen Haven, Nova Scotia, about 20mi due West of downtown Halifax.

SMB is the first major bay West of Halifax Harbour, and is home to the world famous Peggy's Cove (see the Google Map, SE entrance to SMB).

The Bay has been occupied for at least 400-years, and may have been visited by a Chinese Fleet in the 1420s (see 1421: The Year China Discovered the World). The many islands of SMB share this history - check out the excellent Google Maps display of SMB islands with photos and notes presented by the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association.

View St. Margaret's Bay Islands Map - Presented by the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association in a larger map

Ed Bottrell & Hazel Thomas-Bottrell
Glen Haven, Nova Scotia

Views from our Deck

Lat. 44° 38.1' N; Long. 63° 55.3' W
SMAKR 2000 Spinnaker Start
St. Margaret Sailing Club Annual Keelboat Regatta Spinnaker Start in French Village Harbour
SMB Winter Scene
Winter scene looking WSW
SMB Summer Scene
Summer scene looking WSW
SMB Sunset
St. Margaret's Bay Sunset

Cedar Waxwings in Nova Scotia
Cedar Waxwings stop for a rest in our apple tree in March