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ezTrap is a Microsoft Excel®-based PC application that enables sailboat Race Officers anywhere in the world to quickly design and set accurate race courses, especially the Trapezoid.

ezTrap greatly improves two of the biggest problems in sailboat racing: Set-up time; and, accuracy.

ezTrap v17 is the latest release of this unique software product, which is currently being used by Race Officers in 15-countries in both hemispheres: Australia, Brunei, Canada, England, Finland, Indonesia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, USA, and Wales.

Unique because, to the best of our knowledge, it is the only app that instantly:

  • Provides Latitudes & Longitudes of all Marks & Pins;
  • Calculates BRGs & Distance of all Marks & Pins to/from RC Signals Boat;
  • Estimates sailing times by leg; and,
  • Scales up/down the course to meet Target Race Times. 

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Key Benefits:

  • Short Design Time;
  • Accuracy and Precision;
  • Fast Set-up and Change Time;
  • Optimization;
  • Uniform High Quality;
  • Flexibility; and,
  • Confidence.