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ezTrap RS:X Windsurfer Slalom Family

ezTrap Courses ezTrap RS:X Slalom Course

The RS:X Slalom Family of ezTrap contains trapezoid (shown at left) and windward- leeward courses with variations for 1, 2 or 3 rounds before a slalom finish..

The trapezoid course (RSXtrap) support two fleets with different parameters for boat LOA, Average Speed, Tacking Angles, and Target Race Times. ezTrap automatically adjusts the W/L lengths to meet the Target Race Times of each fleet.

ezTrap RS:X W/L Course

The W/L course (RSXls) supports one fleet type.

ezTrap works with one spreadsheet tab per course - an adjacent tab contains a summary of notes about the course. For detailed information about these courses and others, please download the User's Manual.

RS:X Trapezoid Slalom Course Display

ezTrap RS:X Trapezoid Slalom Course Display

RS:X W/L Slalom Course Display

ezTrap RS:X Windward/Leeward Course Display