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Essential Navigation for ROs & Mark Boats

View this MS PowerPoint Presentation and/or Adobe Acrobat Handout that may help you work with Latitudes & Longitudes when setting marks. And, email us with any comments or suggestions for improving this information.

Known Problems and Outstanding Questions:

  • No known problems for v17.

Compatibility Issues:

  • ezTrap may also work on newer Apple Mac computers with Mac OS & Excel; however, please download the free ezTrap Windward-Leeward course to check compatibility before purchase.
  • ezTrap is downward compatible with Excel 2003 (.xls format) as a separate file; however, Excel 2003 will no longer be supported except by special request.
    • Note: the 2007-2016 version (.xlsm file format) will not work properly in an Excel 2003 environment, even if saved in the .xls file format - special ezTrap modifications are required to create a working 2003 version.
    • ezTrap does not appear to work with Excel 2000, and has not been tested with Excel XP.
  • The MS Office Compatibility Pack with older versions of Excel does not appear to support the macros in 2007-2016 ezTrap (.xlsm).
  • Some tablet/slate computers (e.g. MS Surface Pro, Lenovo k3011w, and Samsung Series 7 Slate) do appear to support the full MS Excel versions and therefore ezTrap; however, we have not confirmed or tested these units.